Top Tourist Attractions
in Toronto

Top Tourist Attractions in Toronto. What are the Crowd Favourites?  Niche Interests? CN Tower, Art Gallery of Ontario, Royal Ontario Museum and more.

What are the top attractions in Toronto? What must you see on your first visit?

The answer will depend, of course, on your personal interests.

If you’re a sports fan, you will definitely want to visit that shrine, the Hockey Hall of Fame.

If you’re a culture vulture, you’d have to put the Art Gallery of Ontario on your “Tops” list.

If you’re a thrill-seeker, you’ll be adding Canada’s Wonderland to your agenda.

Overall, there are many attractions worthy of this label, and these include:

  • rich and fascinating cultural gems
  • great places to enjoy family fun
  • romantic spots
  • unique lookouts
  • lovely natural settings you'd never expect in an urban jungle

But that's what makes Toronto such a great place to visit. It’s truly a combination of what you'd expect from a major world city, plus the pleasant surprises that you probably wouldn't imagine.

Here's a SHORT list of some of the top tourist attractions in Toronto – the ones that regularly attract the greatest number of visitors. (NOTE: If you're interested in the hidden gems of Toronto, stay tuned; I'll be doing a page on them soon… and for now check out my pages on Toronto Neighbourhoods.)

CN Tower

Paris has her Eiffel Tower. NYC has her Empire State Building or Top of the Rock. Toronto has her CN Tower. The tower is "the" place to go to get that breath-taking overview of this sprawling metropolis. Go just before dusk and enjoy the day time and evening view. Enjoy a lingering view and romantic dinner at the revolving restaurant (360 Restaurant).

Art Gallery of Ontario

Ontario's finest art gallery features Canadian and international treasures. The recently expanded building displays approximately 4,000 works of art at any one time, out of a total of 68,000 works in its permanent collection. For Culture Vultures, this is definitely one of the top tourist attractions in Toronto.

Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum (locally known as the ROM to rhyme with Tom) has been in the public eye a lot recently for its recent expansion and unusual exterior design. Natural history, world culture. Dinosaurs, fine Canadian art, giant Buddhas from Chinese temples, and more.

Casa Loma

Casa Loma Toronto is a fairytale creation perched high on a hill. Once it was the largest private home in North America; now it's a museum loved by architecture and history fans.

Toronto Islands

A short ferry-ride away from downtown Toronto you'll find a little island paradise, great for picnicking, walking, or playing in the sun. Centre Island has an amusement park for the little ones but you can also get away from the crowds here, enjoy nature and de-stress. That’s what vacations are for, right?

Harbourfront Centre Toronto

This 10-acre park along the shore of Lake Ontario is where Toronto plays. The area includes several buildings housing art galleries, performance spaces, shops and restaurants. The outdoor space – the main draw – also includes performance areas and green space for relaxing. Hosts dozens of different festivals throughout the year (which are also some of the most popular tourist attractions in Toronto). Skating rink in winter.

Hockey Hall of Fame

A.K.A. The Shrine. If you’re a hockey fan this is your number one destination. Combine it with a Maple Leafs game and you’re in hockey heaven.

Toronto Zoo

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! A huge, internationally-respected zoo on the outskirts of the city. Canadian wildlife and exotic animals from all over the world. Lots of entertainment/playgrounds geared to kids. One of the most popular (and busiest!!) tourist attractions in Toronto.

Ontario Science Centre

Children will love this interactive place designed to get them excited about the miracles of life. Regularly hosts blockbuster shows, so check to see what’s on during your visit.

Canada's Wonderland

Canada’s Wonderland is the largest amusement park in Canada. It has a waterpark as well. Thrill-seekers love it.

St. Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence Market actually consists of 3 separate historic buildings but two of them are most likely to interest tourists: The North and the South Markets. The South St. Lawrence Market is for foodies! This massive, historic food hall features over 120 specialty vendors selling meat, fish, baked goods, veggies, cheese and teas. The North Market has food on Saturdays too, when local farmers come to sell their produce, and on Sundays the antique vendors move in; shoppers can browse the tables of over 80 dealers. History and heritage lovers should also check out the small Market Gallery in the South Market. 

Above: The towers of Toronto City Hall.

Toronto is known for its modern architecture.

Toronto City Hall

In the summer, the lawn of Toronto City Hall is a place to hang out, play music, throw some frizbees, attend an outdoor art show or a concert. In the winter, it's a giant skating rink and the spot where Torontonians ring in the New Year. The iconic space-age style building is a familiar sight even for first-time visitors.

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