Toronto Canada Weather

Looking for Toronto Canada weather information to help with planning your vacation? Wondering what to pack for your visit? Here’s the basic information you’ll need to know.

The Four Seasons

Contrary to popular belief, Canada isn’t a land of snow all year around!

We do have four seasons!

Toronto is in fact one of the warmer spots in Canada.

Its climate is similar to Boston (for our American visitors).

These are our seasons:

Winter – January, February, March
Spring – April, May and June
Summer – July, August and September
Fall – October, November, December

Note: Although the first day of winter is officially December 21, we do get snow earlier than this sometimes. In fact, we can even get some in October. But it’s usually light and melts quickly. The heavy snow storms are in January and February. (Thank God for those indoor shopping malls and the Toronto PATH system in downtown Toronto, which lets you go from building to building without going outside.)

How to dress and what to bring for Toronto Weather

Winter: Yes it’s cold! The average winter temperatures are about -5 celcius but it can get down to -30 Celcius at times. Bring boots, a heavy coat, mitts/gloves, scarves. If you’re very sensitive to the cold, you may want to bring (or purchase here) long underwear (comes in tops and bottoms). Note for shoppers: you can find a lot of “cool” (trendy) brand name winter gear here, which will double as souvenirs when you go home!

Spring: Bring a light jacket, umbrella, light scarf and gloves for early April. Temperature averages 14 Celcius but can dip below 0 on occasion. By May and definitely June you’re getting into warmer temperatures (average 19 in June) and you will want summer clothing. You might even find yourself in a heat wave in June (in the 30s Celcius).

Summer: Light clothing – even shorts and t-shirts for casual outings. You could still could use an umbrella for those sudden summer thunderstorms. It can be very humid (hot and sticky) in the summer. Daily average is 20 but it can go over 30 Celcius during a heat wave. Bring your bathing suit if you want to swim at Toronto beaches.

Fall: While you will only need a jacket for early fall, it’s best to prepare for anything if you’re coming in late November or December. Temperature averages around 10 Celcius but it can dip below 0 in late fall. You may get snow in November/December so it’s best to pack a heavy winter coat along with other winter gear like hats, mitts/gloves, scarf. For early fall, you’ll find an umbrella helpful.

Severe Weather in Toronto Canada

Toronto Canada weather is blessed with a stable climate but we do see occasional tornados and hurricanes, etc. These are VERY rare, though.

More information

If you’d like further information about Toronto Canada weather for the particular dates of your Toronto vacation, check out the Environment Canada web site:

Ontario Travel Secrets  > Weather