Toronto Airport:
Ground Transportation & Directions

The Toronto Airport is located about 27 km (17 miles) east of downtown Toronto, a fair hike! So it’s worth taking some time to plan ahead how you’ll get into the city.

Car rental at Toronto airport

If you’re planning on renting a car for your vacation, you can pick one up right at the airport. Remember, though, that parking can be very expensive in downtown Toronto and if you’re not travelling too far out of the city core, then using a combination of subway, buses and/or taxis may be a cheaper option in the long run.

The drive to downtown should take about 30 minutes on a good day, and a lot longer on a bad day!

Taxi to Toronto airport

A taxi from the airport to downtown Toronto will run you about $45. If you add a 15% tip (average) you’re talking more than $50. Here’s a handy site to calculate the cost of a taxi trip within Toronto: Note: This site gives estimates only. The price will vary depending on traffic. If you’re travelling during rush hour the trip will be slower and pricier than during quieter periods.

Public transit

There is a rail link called UP (Union-Pearson) between the Union Station (train station) in downtown Toronto and the airport. You can get prices and tickets here: It's cheaper than a taxi but if you're going any place other than the train station, then you will have to either walk, bus/subway or taxi it from there to your final destination.

Local Transit - TTC Toronto (bus and subway)

Take the TTC bus called the 192 Airport Rocket from airport to Kipling subway station (20 minutes) and then the subway from Kipling to Bloor & Yonge (another 30 minutes or so). Then if you want to go further – say to the Union Station area, near Harbourfront, you’ll have to transfer to another subway line (another 15 minutes). Note: This is the cheapest route ($2.75) but it can get very crowded and there’s a lot of getting on and off vehicles, and occasionally walking up and down stairs if escalators are out of service. So if you have a ton of luggage, you may regret it.

NOTE: Airport Express Bus - This service no longer operates.

Transit between terminals

If you arrive at one terminal and need to transfer to another to catch your connecting flight, you can use the link train.

Above: The narrow rails that carry the Link Train. The Link Train provides fast and free transit from the parking lot to the airport, and between terminals.

Parking at Toronto airport

If you’re driving to the airport you can park at Terminal 3 or at the less expensive Viscount Station, a little further out (you can take the free “Link Train” from Viscount to your terminal).

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