Ontario Coupons

Where can you find Ontario coupons? Save on Toronto attractions, Niagara Falls Canada attractions and more!

Let's face it: Travel can be expensive!

For that reason, we all like to save when we can.

Coupons can really add up if you find the right ones.

But where do you start?

Check these sites for savings:

Attractions Ontario - Print out coupons for attractions all over the province. Often offers 2-for-1 admissions to museums and family entertainment: Attractions Ontario

CAA - Are you a member? You can get discounts on hotels and more. Their membership magazine also has some great tips. Check out their offers: Canadian Automobile Association (CAA)

City Pass Toronto - You may have used this in other cities like New York, Boston, etc. Well we have one in Toronto too! This pass promises to save you 45% on Five Famous Attractions -- but does it? is it worth it? Check out my detailed article about Toronto City Pass.

Toronto Dine and Save - Toronto coupons. Look for the "Dine and Save - today's specials" box on the page: Toronto Dine and Save

Ontario Parks - Want to explore Ontario nature? If you're a resident then it may be cheaper to buy an annual pass to the Conservation Association in your region. You can pay one flat fee and get in for free all year. And you get to bypass the line-up up the gate by flashing your pass. See here for info about Ontario Parks

Red Flag Deals - http://www.redflagdeals.com. You can find discounts on entry fees for attractions, hotels, restaurants and car rentals.

Museum Memberships - Do you have a museum membership? If so, check and see if your museum offers reciprocal admission into other museums. Many do!

Internet search tip - Use your favourite search engine and enter your destination name (i.e. Toronto, or Niagara Falls) and "coupons" and you should find some deals.

Tourist offices - If you're visiting a tourist office, look for (or ask for) brochures containing coupons for savings on local attractions. Many local attractions and hotels carry these brochures as well. Just duck inside the lobby and look around for a stand or table displaying them. Savings can range from $1 off to 50% off.

Ontario Coupons for specific cities:

Niagara Falls Ontario Coupons - Pay less for Hornblower Niagara Cruises, Skylon Tower, Clifton Hill attractions, and more.

Toronto Attractions Coupons - Little ways to save big on Toronto museums, Toronto theatre, top tourist attractions in Toronto.

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