Niagara Falls Hotel Packages

Secrets to Finding the Best Offers Fast

Find Niagara Falls Hotel Packages to bundle your hotel, dining and entertainment options and save money and time!

Niagara Falls hotel packages come in a variety of combinations.

Above: Photo courtesy of Sheraton on the Falls

The simple ones cover a room and perhaps a meal. The bigger ones (“jumbo bundles” I call them) cover rooms, meals, entertainment and sometimes transportation.

Some examples of these jumbo bundles would be a Family Pass including hotel room, coupon for Ruby Tuesday restaurant and passes for 4 to three Clifton Hill attractions starting at around $200/night for the whole family.

Or how about a Winter Festival of Lights Niagara Falls hotel package including hotel room, casino, attractions tickets, guided tour and manager’s reception for around $300 or less?

Sound tempting? The good news is that hotels in Niagara Falls Canada face stiff competition, especially during the quieter fall and winter months when you can find fantastic bargains like 50% off. So there are lots of options available.

The bad news? Well, because there are so many Niagara Falls discounts, it can be time-consuming to sort through all these deals and figure out what’s best for you.


How to FIND the best Niagara Falls hotel packages

Hotel web sites are one source for Niagara Falls packages, but not necessarily the best place to start looking. Why? It can take a long time to visit each site, copy and paste the different offers into a word processing document (or jot down by hand), and then make a comparison to see what’s best.

So here's a tip. Consult the web sites of two local bodies first: The Niagara Parks Commission and/or the Niagara Falls Tourism office. They list many different packages for hotels with sample prices below each mini-description. Sure, their lists aren’t comprehensive… you might find other hotels at Niagara Falls offering something else… BUT they’re a great start and if “time is money”, then it’s certainly worth your while to have much of your search done for you, right?

Niagara Falls Tourism (official tourist office for the city)

Niagara Falls Tourism (Visitor and Convention Bureau) is the official local tourism board for Niagara Falls Canada. They profile local tourist attractions and many major Niagara Falls hotels on their web site, so you can get a feel for them first. Once you have a good picture of what’s available, you can wander over to their page offering current packages: . If the package looks good, you click on it, and that will take you right over to the hotel web site where you can book it. Note: the Tourism office doesn’t directly book your hotel. You need to do this yourself through the hotel.

The Niagara Parks Commission

The Parks Commission is a Canadian public non-profit organization that has been around since 1885. They were probably looking after the area surrounding the Falls when your great-grandparents came for a visit. They are famous for their beautiful landscaping lining the parkway but not everyone knows that they also operate many of the most popular attractions in the Niagara Region.

The Commission offers several different kinds of Niagara Falls Discounts, including smaller packages covering attractions and meals, and jumbo packages covering hotels as well.

HOTEL ETC: If you want the “jumbo bundle” Niagara Falls hotel packages, you can choose a hotel, meals and attractions. Luckily, the Commission offers Niagara Falls discount hotels, moderate and luxury hotels to cater to every wallet.

ATTRACTIONS AND MEALS: If you already have your hotel booked, you can still take advantage of the Niagara Parks Commission discounts by purchasing a “Day Pass” which includes some attractions and a meal or two at one of the Niagara Parks Commission restaurants (which, by the way, are surprisingly good!). You can also purchase add-ons like a helicopter ride, an audio tour, or airport transportation, but that’s all optional.

For current offers, see their web site:

Bottom Line for Saving Time & Money

When you’re planning your trip you might be mainly focussed on saving money, which is understandable. These two web sites will save you money, but could save you a whole lot of research time too.

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