Niagara Falls Canada

Best Ways to View the Falls

Niagara Falls Canada is known world-wide as the site of one of the great natural wonders of the world. Learn the best way to see and experience the Falls, from virtual reality to UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL.

Although I grew up within spitting distance of the falls, I have never become jaded by this truly awesome and hypnotic sight.

Everyone has his or her favourite way to view the falls.

  1. Some enjoy the Journey Behind the Falls, which allows you to walk BEHIND the Falls and experience the power and roar (and spray) of the cataract up close.
  2. Another way to get up-close-and-personal is to to take the boat ride. Hornblower Niagara Cruises does the same route as the former Maid of the Mist.This is one of the oldest and most popular ways to see and feel the Falls, and although the line-ups can be long in the summer, it's worth the wait.
  3. If you're not afraid of heights, try the Whirlpool Aerocar.
  4. Another sky-high view is from the Niagara SkyWheel, with its climate-controlled gondolas.
  5. For the adventurous there's the Whirlpool Jet Tour.
  6. Millions also choose simply to stand and stare in awe from the grounds of the Table Rock Lookout. Another great (and free) spot is from the Rainbow Bridge, which is where I took the photograph above.
  7. For a truly amazing experience, and to see what the birds see, Niagara Helicopters will fly you right over the chasm.The 20-minute flights are pricey but unforgettable.
  8. Another view from up high is via the Skylon Tower from its restaurant or viewing platform.
  9. Or if you'd like a virtual-reality experience, check out the IMAX Theatre , where you’ll swear you’re going over the falls in a barrel, just like the daredevils in days of old. Note: the IMAX shows other films as well, not just the Niagara one. Or try  the newest Niagara Falls Canada attractions,  Niagara's Fury. This is a 4-D multi-sensory show that takes you back to the creation of the Falls.The concensus among reviewers seems to be that it's more geared to children than to adults.
  10. If you've seen the Falls during the day, come back at night for the Illumination of the Falls and see them lit up in rainbow-coloured lights. It's an unforgettable sight.

DID YOU KNOW?..... Fascinating Facts about the Falls

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