Mountsberg Conservation Area

Mountsberg Conservation Area is a paradise for birders and lovers of nature. Located near Campbellville Ontario, this park can be "done" in an easy daytrip from Toronto or Niagara Falls.

How does a turkey vulture cool herself off?

What's her "Secret Weapon" when she's feeling threatened?


1.She pees down her leg.

2.She vomits, which smells horrible, and scares off attacks.

I learned the disgusting (and funny) answers to these questions by attending a live bird show at Mountsberg Conservation Area in Southern Ontario. And I got to meet Ellie, the "Turkey Vulture in Residence", a very sweet girl, despite her less-than-Supermodel appearance.

The Conservation Area is a 472-hectare Ontario park located near Campbellville, about an hour's drive southwest of Toronto.

It is designated as a Regionally Environmentally Sensitive Area and a Provincially Significant Wetland, and is home to many rescued formerly wild raptors.

These birds all have some kind of impediment that prevents them from surviving in the wild so Mountsberg is now their permanent year-round home.

You can see the birds in flight in a demonstration by one of the park handlers (included in the price of admission), and afterwards visit the cages where the birds live.

There are also some farm birds hopping around free near the barn. This rooster had gorgeous feathers. He was walking around crowing his head off.

You can also see horses, goats, sheep, goats, rabbits, moose and bison.

There's a play barn for kids. Plus, there are several trails in the park. One of them leads you past the birdie suburb! Yup, you can visit Swallowville with dozens of condos for resident swallows.

The last time we were there, this peacock was trying to dig a hole for himself in this bush. Maybe he was trying to escape the heat that day!

Facilities at Mountsberg Conservation Area

There is a small interpretation centre and shop onsite with some snacks in machines but if you're planning on lunch you should bring your own. There are picnic tables available.

Washrooms are in the interpretation centre.

Special Events

You can celebrate the Maple Syrup Festival at Mountsberg in late February and early March.

For more information about what goes on at these events, see my article about Canadian Maple Syrup Festivals.

The park also puts on other special events throughout the year, mostly geared to families with young children, like "An Evening with the Bats" which includes puppet show, storytelling, and games.

They also do an Easter Egg Extravaganza and something special for New Year's Eve.

For more information

For directions, and entry fees, as well as hours, check out their website

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