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The best map for Niagara Falls … where do you find it?

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They're out there – but it can take a while to sift through them.

Save your energy. I've done the research for you!

After looking at more than a dozen web sites with maps, I've narrowed it down to two sites that I think are the MOST useful.

Niagara Falls Live offers several different maps:

Hotels and attractions at Niagara Falls – Click on the hotel name and up pops its web site so you can see what it costs, what it features etc. It also shows Niagara Falls Ontario attractions.

Niagara Falls Motels – Same set-up as the hotel map. You can see from this that most of the motels in Niagara Falls are located along Lundy's Lane leading into the Falls.

Niagara Falls interactive map - This is a photo of the city. You can click on a building and up will pop a page about what it houses. Very cool!

Satellite image – Just an aerial photo of the Falls area; interesting but not that useful.

And finally:

Interactive Map for Niagara Falls – This is the one I find MOST USEFUL. It shows you a photograph of the area and when you click on a specific building, it gives you information about it. It doesn't cover all of the buildings in the area, just the major commercial ones like hotels, water parks, the casino, IMAX, Clifton Hill, etc.

Go here to see Niagara Falls Live maps

Clifton Hill web site

Clifton Hill is a street with a lot of touristy attractions (Wax Museum, Ripley's Believe It or Not, the Midway) and popular restaurants like Boston Pizza. It runs right down to the water. This web site features a hand-drawn aerial map of the area. Although this is a relatively small area – only a few blocks – it is a good map because it gives a detailed close-up of this popular tourist area.

It even shows you where to find Timmy's! (That's Tim Horton's coffee shop, a VERY important matter for us caffeine addicts). I like these kinds of maps because it gives you a picture in your mind of the various landmarks so when you're driving along you can recognize them. Very handy for the directionally-challenged amongst us...

Go here to see the Clifton Hill Map

Bottom Line

Finally, both of these sites offer excellent maps and other resources so I recommend them to anyone planning a trip to Niagara Falls Canada.

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