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Take the Island Queen Cruise on a journey through the Thirty Thousand Islands of the beautiful and spectacular Georgian Bay Ontario. Scenes en route, length of tours, special entertainment.

By Guest Writer Jane Orr

island queen cruiseCourtesy of Island Queen Cruise.

Our family lives in the Georgian Bay area. The cruise, which lasts approximately 3 hours, is one I have had occasion to enjoy three times over the years. It’s a trip well worth taking and a sight to behold.

Parry Sound Ontario hosts this sightseeing cruise which takes you on a breathtaking 2 or 3 hour (depending upon which cruise you choose to take) tour through the 30000 Islands of the beautiful and spectacular Georgian Bay Ontario.

Georgian Bay is an extremely beautiful geographic area rich in history, wildlife, secluded sandy beaches, glacial formed islands and granite cliffs. This region has been now designated a Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations.

As the cruise boat weaves its way through these somewhat remote islands, you will be in awe of the natural beauty of the forests, islands that have been sculpted out by glaciers, and the magnificent getaways that cottagers from the cities far away are happy and lucky to retreat to during the summer months. If interested in mainly viewing the grand cottages on these islands, there is a special two hour cruise one can take in the mornings.

The Island Queen 30000 Island Tour normally runs three times per day. I might add that the evening cruise in the summer occasionally features a jazz band for the entertainment of the passengers, which definitely promotes an enjoyable social atmosphere under a dusky night sky.

Commentary is provided along the tour at different intervals giving information on land formations, local history and the waterways. Staff are also available to help with seating, give additional information and any other services necessary. You may also get something to eat or drink from the snack bar which is on board, or purchase a souvenir from the giftshop.

island queen cruise on georgian bay ontarioCourtesy of Island Queen Cruise.

When Fall is in full swing, you can go on the Island Queen Fall Colour Cruise. You haven't seen Indian Summer until you've seen it from this trip. The spectacular colors of oranges, reds and yellows are spread throughout the island pine, maple and cedar trees like a wildfire. This cruise lasts through the Thanksgiving weekend, and then the season is closed until the next year. We are always at my mother-in-law’s cottage at that time for Thanksgiving dinner, and her cottage is on the boat’s route. We have a little family tradition... as the Island Queen passes through Two Mile Narrows and blows its horn, we give a friendly wave to the passengers from the shoreline.

For recreational or educational purposes, the three hour Island Queen cruise of the Thirty Thousand Islands of Georgian Bay Ontario is sure to please.

This article is courtesy of Jane Orr, who is the publisher of Carbon Footprint Defined. Carbon Footprint reduction though green living begins at home, one small step at a time.

Photographs courtesy of Island Queen Cruise.

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