Hamilton International Airport (YHM)

Hamilton International Airport. Tired of Toronto International Airport and all that Toronto traffic? This might work for you. A traveller’s guide to YHM from a local resident.

YHM is a small airport located just outside of Hamilton Ontario.

If you’re visiting Hamilton, Niagara Falls, or other parts or Southern Ontario from within Canada or even from the UK, this could be your alternative to the Toronto International Airport.

One advantage of this airport is that because it’s so small, you’ll spend less time in line-ups than usual. Typically you only have one flight arriving at a time. This means check-in, customs and baggage retrieval are all quick.

I’ve used it and found it a lot less stressful than Toronto International Airport, for example. Plus you can’t get lost like you can in the bigger airports with their interminable terminals!

Another advantage is that once you’ve left the building, you’ll find the traffic a lot easier to handle than that surrounding a big metropolitan airport.

Here are some FAQs about Hamilton Airport.

Airlines that use this airport and where they fly
Westjet – flies to several Canadian, American and Mexican destinations

Call letters

Its full name is
John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport, but its short name is HI (for Hamilton International). Other people call it the Hamilton Airport or the Hamilton Ontario Airport.

Who’s this John C. Munro guy?
He was a member of Parliament for Hamilton from 1962 to 1984.

Where is it?
Mount Hope, a small community near Hamilton Ontario.
Distance from airport to downtown Hamilton 14 km (approximately 20 minutes by car)
Distance from airport to Toronto 86 km (approximately 1 hour by car)
Distance from airport to Niagara Falls Canada 84 km (approximately 1 hour by car)

How do I get there?
Intercity Shuttles: Airlink, Niagara Airbus, Redcar Airport Service and Airways Transit serve communities surrounding Hamilton (Brantford, Niagara, etc).
The local transit company, HSR (Hamilton Street Railway), offers limited bus service Monday-Friday at peak rush hours only. Check with them for details. Telephone 905-527-4441
You can also call a taxi (BlueLine or Hamilton Cab) or Hamilton Limo.

Car rental
You can book a car from one of the booths at the airport.

There’s both short-term and long-term parking at the airport.

In addition to serving passengers, HI is Canada’s largest courier and cargo airport.

Restaurants and shops
There are a few fast food places and a bar and a couple of convenience stores for last-minute travel needs.

Does the airport have internet access?
Yes. You can bring your own laptop and use the wireless internet or use one of four terminals located in the airport.

Hamilton International began life as a military training base in 1940. After the end of World War II it became a public facility.

Nearby attractions
Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum houses a collection of flying-condition vintage warplanes. This is actually on the airport grounds, a 5 minute walk from the main building. If you have some time to kill, your same-day boarding pass gives you free admission to the museum.

Hamilton International Airport web site

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