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Historic Gladstone Hotel Toronto is a lively cultural hotspot on Queen Street West, Toronto. Learn more about its offerings: food, art, music and more.

Photographer: Cat O'Neil

In 2002 the current owners, the Zeidler family, bought it and renovated it, slowly turning it into an elegant venue once again. They kept and renewed many of its old charming features, like the faux-marble pillars in the bar and the Victorian hand-operated elevator in the lobby. The same thing is happening with other buildings nearby, and in fact the whole community surrounding it is gradually taking on a healthier glow, as stores, art galleries and eateries continue to spring up along the street.

Sleeping at the Gladstone Hotel Toronto

At the Gladstone you won't find any cookie-cutter hotel bedrooms. Each of its 37 spaces has a unique design. Artists and designers teamed up to create some weird, wacky and wonderful rooms. Here are some examples:

Photographer: Tom Arban

Prices for rooms range from less than $200 (small room) to over $400 (two-storey tower suite).

Some of the rooms feature clever uses of space. One room for example appears to have a fireplace, but when you pull the curtain, you find a flat-screen tv. This room, by the way, is designed to look as it might have back in the day when the hotel first opened.

Photographer: Cat O'Neil

Another room has what looks like a stack of antique suitcases piled up in the corner; but pull on the side and it opens up to reveal a television.

The hotel attracts an artsy crowd who appreciate the unique spaces and cultural events the hotel hosts. On the hotel has more than 100 reviews, and gets 4 out of 5 star– a very respectable rating. The Guardian included it in their list of "Art Hotels of the World".

Dining at the Gladstone Hotel Toronto

The ground-floor café offers interesting options for lunch and dinner. Sandwiches are served on fresh gourmet bread and accompanied by delicious salad. Dinner includes casual options like burgers and pasta with vegetarian choices.

Photographer: Cat O'Neil

This room has a high ceiling, wonderful windows facing onto Queen Street and gorgeous glass lamps that are works of art. Paintings adorn the wall and give the space a homey feel – it's more like an artsy living room than a public space. It's so relaxing that you'll probably be tempted to linger longer than you normally would for lunch, so plan accordingly.

Drinking, Partying & "Convening" at the Gladstone Hotel Toronto

The Melody Bar is the regular music area of the hotel and is situated at the front of the building. The Ballroom near the back also hosts events. The second floor has other reception areas for private hire. The hotel hosts parties, business meetings, conferences, weddings, etc.

Favourite features

Besides the great café area and wacky bedrooms, here's another thing to love: the gargoyle on the outside wall.

Photographer: Guylaine Spencer

Location of Gladstone Hotel Toronto

The Gladstone Hotel Toronto is located at 1214 Queen Street West at the corner of Gladstone Street in the Parkdale district of Toronto. This area is west of the main downtown area and a perfect location if you're going to be shopping/eating/bar-hopping along Queen Street West.

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