Fifty Point Conservation Area & Marina

The Fifty Point Conservation Area is a secret little piece of heaven for water lovers. Find out more about the marina, lighthouse, beaches and campgrounds.

Do you love water as much as I do? In your mind, are the words “lake” and “relaxation” just different ways to say the same thing?

fifty point, lighthouse

Then you might want to put this amazing conservation area on your “to do” list.

With a lakeside location, a lighthouse, a busy marina and two beaches (one for people and one for dogs), The Fifty Point Conservation Area near Stoney Creek Ontario is a great camping or day trip destination for water-lovers.

Popular with locals who come here for family picnics, bike rides and strolls along the trails, the park also makes a nice rest stop between Niagara Falls and Toronto for tourists-in-the-know.

The Fifty Point Conservation Area is located right on Lake Ontario between Stoney Creek and Grimsby. Standing on the shore, you get a glimpse of the enormous size of this body of water, which is one of the Great Lakes of North America. On a clear day you can see the CN Tower and the skyscrapers of downtown Toronto straight ahead on the opposite shore. Look to your left and you’ll see the east side of Hamilton (including the Burlington Skyway). Look to your right and you’ll have a view of the Niagara region stretching out along the shore.

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Down at the beach, the sounds are just as impressive as the sights. I love walking along the shore, listening to the waves crashing or rolling gently in, depending on the weather. The birds all seem to enjoy it too, judging from their songs which fill the air.

On site also is a historic home called Ingledale House, dating back to the early 1800s. It doesn't appear to be open to the general visitor but they rent it out for conferences and special events. It's a lovely old building right by the pond, with a gorgeous lilac tree flowering beside it.

The Marina at Fifty Point Conservation Area

If you’re not prone to boat-envy (or maybe you have your own already!), then a visit to the Marina is a must. I always get a chuckle from the names people give their boats: Summer Toy, It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere, etc. You can stroll along the boardwalks or have a cool drink or something to eat at the pleasant Landings Restaurant overlooking the lake and the marina.

If you prefer to pack your own, you’ll find picnic tables and benches dotted around the park.

Or how about catching your own lunch? You can fish in a pond stocked with trout and bass. Or fish in Lake Ontario for salmon.

If you’re planning to stay overnight in the area, you can camp here too. Check the Fifty Point Conservation Area web site for details.


There’s an entrance fee to the park for day visitors (check the web site below for current details). Residents with a Family Pass for the Hamilton Conservation Authority get in free.

Fifty Point Conservation area is just one of many great conservation areas in Ontario. For more examples, see my page on Ontario Parks.

For more information:

Hamilton Conservation web site:


Just down the road from Fifty Point is the beautiful Edgewater Manor, a fine dining establishment perched on the shore of Lake Ontario.

They have a small but lovely garden out back for weddings and you can see the lake from some tables inside the restaurant. I’ve been here for a birthday celebration and definitely want to go back. Talk about a great setting – both inside and out!

The high ceilings, fieldstone walls, stained glass windows and giant fireplaces all give this place the feel of a luxury rural resort with a definite Canadian feel to it.

The building has an interesting history. It started out as a private home in the early 1920s for a rich lawyer Philip Morris who apparently was trying to copy Sir Henry Pellatt, the owner of Casa Loma in Toronto. Unfortunately Mr. Morris followed in Mr. Pellatt’s footsteps in more ways than one… he too went bankrupt. You can read about the building’s history and the renovation on their web site:

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