Campgrounds in Ontario

Looking for campgrounds in Ontario but not sure where to start your search? A variety of different companies and organizations run Ontario campgrounds. Here’s where to find them.

If you want to discover Ontario nature, then Ontario campgrounds may be the answer.

Before you start scrolling through descriptions of the hundreds of parks available, though, it’s a good idea to think about what KIND of Ontario camping experience you’re seeking. That way, you can narrow down your selection.

Types of campgrounds in Ontario

Some services: Do you want somewhere to hook up a trailer to electricity?

Fully serviced: Do you want a fully serviced site with cable tv, internet, swimming pools and options to rent sailboats, canoes, etc… basically a resort where you bring your own house on wheels?

Wilderness/back country: Maybe you just want to get away from it all. Some regions of Ontario offer chances to go wilderness camping, or “back country camping”, as it’s called. Algonquin Park is a popular place for this kind of experience.

Once you have a good picture in your head of your ideal camping experience, it’s time to start looking for Ontario campgrounds.

How & Where to Book

"Parks Canada" is a non-profit government organization that runs the national parks system in Canada. They offer camping at Bruce Peninsula National Park. See

“Ontario Parks” is the non-profit government organization that runs the provincial parks system and they operate campgrounds in some of those parks. You can find their accommodation section at

“Conservation Ontario” is another non-profit group that oversees the many regional conservation areas that operate campgrounds in Ontario. Go to then click on Activity Search, C, and then Camping and you’ll see the list.

“Camping In Ontario” is a group of privately owned and operated campgrounds in Ontario. Here’s their web site:

Plan ahead

The best campgrounds book up early, so if you're camping in Ontario in the summer (high season), and want your first choice, PLAN AHEAD by several months if possible. Some of the provincial campgrounds do hold back a few “non-reservable sites”, though. These are given away on a first-come-first-served basis for last-minute travellers.

Places to go Camping in Ontario

Algonquin Park

Ontario Parks

Fifty Point Conservation Area

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