African Lion Safari Cambridge

African Lion Safari Cambridge. Practical Tips to Make Your Trip Perfect. When to Go, Cost of Visiting, Food and Picnic Areas, Location and More.

When to Visit

African Lion Safari Ontario is open between May and mid-October. In winter the animals move into barns to keep warm (remember these animals are almost all used to hot African weather!).

The park can get very busy especially on long weekends. It took us one hour just to get in! We arrived around noon though, not the best time. You're probably best to go earlier in the morning before the hordes arrive (check web site for current opening times). A family can easily spend a whole day here, seeing the animals, playing in the park, resting under the trees.

What does it cost?

At first I was hesitant to go because the fee is rather high (check for current prices). But overall it offered good value for a full day of family fun. The entrance fee includes the animal shows, boat ride, train ride, the caged animals, splash pad, playground equipment, and if you want to drive through the safari in your own car, there's no extra charge. However, we took the bus. For $5 more it was worth the gas you'd spend on the hour-long trip through (especially if you have your air-conditioning on) and the peace of mind knowing that your car wouldn't be damaged. Also you're cutting down on the air pollution. Here's a picture of the bus:

There are extra charges for the pony ride and elephant ride ($4 and $5 at the time of writing but check with the zoo for current prices).

If you're going to African Lion Safari Cambridge more than twice a year it's worth it to buy a season's pass.

Discounts and coupons – CAA offers 10% off the price and you can find coupons in Attractions Ontario. Your employer might offer coupons as well.

Dining at African Lion Safari Cambridge

The food, as in most animal parks, is very expensive and mostly pizza and hot dogs etc (although we did see some $10 salads), so you're best to bring your own food. There are lots of picnic tables including ones in shady areas so you shouldn't have any problem finding a nice place to eat. Money-saving tip: We found that the ice cream was cheaper ($3) in the store near the tour bus wicket than at the mobile booths on the grounds where they were asking for around $5!


African Lion Safari Cambridge is located at 1386 Cooper Road, Flamborough, very close to Cambridge and Hamilton. It's about an hour's drive from Toronto, or an hour and 20 minutes from Niagara Falls Canada.

For more information

What kind of animals will you see here? Are there playgrounds? Animal shows? Check out my other page on African Lion Safari Ontario

And visit the African Lion Safari website at

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