IMAX Niagara Falls

IMAX Niagara Falls delivers the excitement!

It's not often that a movie makes my heart pound, but the Falls movie, Legends & Daredevils, certainly did.

If you've never seen an IMAX film, picture a giant screen six times the size of the normal puny ones we see in most theatres today. The images are so close and feel so real that viewers can actually get dizzy at times (the solution is to close your eyes for a second). One of the best uses of the IMAX film technology is for dramatic natural scenery and you can't get much more dramatic than Niagara's Horseshoe Falls.

In 45 minutes, the movie tells the history of the Falls. It starts out with the earliest human habitation of the area and the legend of the Maid of the Mist (not the boat… the story about a young Indigenous woman who went over the falls in a canoe).

It continues with the story of French explorers gaping in awe and wonder at their first view of the magnificent water.

Then it quickly moves on to the wars between the British and the French over the control of the river.

Next comes the comic-tragic tale of Annie Edson Taylor, who, on her 63rd birthday, in October 24, 1901, went over the falls in a barrel. She was an American widow and schoolteacher. One can only speculate that she was desperate to escape the burden of teaching. Although she did earn money from speaking engagements later, she never actually made enough to retire in comfort and had to keep working at odd jobs for most of her life.

We also see the tightrope walker Blondin who walked across the Falls on June 30, 1859 and several times after that. Once he went blindfolded. Another time he carried a man across. 

The final story is of a family whose boat is caught up in the whirlpool and cast over the edge. I was on the edge of my seat watching this, and my heart was pounding the whole time.

Forget Hollywood; there's nothing like true drama. This one's a guaranteed win.

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