Ontario Travel Costs

What can you expect to pay for your Ontario travel? It all depends on your style of travel – what kind of Ontario accommodation you need, and where you want to eat.

Here are some general guidelines.

These prices do NOT include transportation costs, or admission to attractions, as they vary so much. This is just food (no alcohol) and a place to sleep.

Note: This is for a single traveller.

If you're traveling as a couple, your food will double but your accommodation won't be much more … I suggest that you add another 20%….because most places charge by room rather than guest, so single travellers really pay more on a per-person basis for their travel than couples do.

NOTE: These prices are in Canadian dollars. Although some businesses in high-tourist areas accept American dollars, you'll get a better exchange rate at a bank.

If you're a budget traveller staying in university residences or hostels, eating at fast food or family restaurants and buying some meals from groceries stores, then a rough estimate for daily cost for your Ontario travel would be $65 (about $40 for food, $25 for hostel bed in a shared dorm).

If you're a mid-priced traveller staying at moderate accommodation like motels, budget hotels, bed and breakfasts, and eating in average-priced restaurants, then a rough estimate for daily cost would be $160 (about $60 for food, $100 for a room).

If you're a higher-priced traveller staying at slightly better accommodation (the chain hotels, fancier bed and breakfasts in heritage buildings), and eating in some nicer restaurants, then a rough estimate for daily cost for your Ontario travel would be $230 (about $80 for food, $150 for a room – prices higher in Toronto).

If you're a luxury traveller staying at 4* or better hotels and eating in fine dining establishments, then a rough estimate would be $350+ ($100+ for food, $250+ for a room).

Sales tax

In Ontario you'll find HST added to most of your bills at stores and restaurants.

HST is Harmonized Sales Tax, which is 13% in Ontario. This combines the former GST and PST and applies to most goods and services. In general, for the traveller this means that when you're dining out, or visiting a tourist attraction, or going to a movie or theatre show, you need to figure on an extra 13% on top of the price you see advertised.


Restaurants: Tipping in Canada is common and pretty much expected in restaurants and bars with wait staff. Servers generally only make minimum wage and rely on their tips for most of their income. Most people tip between 15% to 25%. Some restaurants add an extra 15% to the bill when there are more than a certain number of people, so check before you pay your bill to make sure this hasn't already been included. The staff should inform you or it should be printed on the menu, but double-check just in case.

Other service-providers who usually receive tips: taxi drivers, hairdressers, spa personnel, cleaning staff in hotels, and porters.

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