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Marineland Ontario: How to make the most of your day. Rides, food and drink, cost, location.

"SO.... what did you like best about your visit?"

I asked my grand-nieces this question recently upon their return from a school trip to Marine land, a popular Niagara Ontario attraction.

Photo courtesy of Marineland Ontario

Six-year old Aubrey and five-year-old Kayla considered the question seriously, then replied.

“The SkyScreamer is the Best Ride! AWESOME!” Then in order of preference came: “The bee ride, then the airplane ride, then the lady bug ride.”

Anything else? I asked.

“OH! And the boat ride too!”

And what about the animals?

"The one with the moustache," they chimed. (My sister, their grandmother, thinks this was probably the walrus!)

I loved going to go to Marine land Niagara Falls when I was a kid. The trained dolphin shows were so thrilling (even with the splashing) that I still remember them. So that gives you some idea of how long it has been providing family fun in Niagara.

Photo courtesy of Marine land


The marine animals – the killer whales, dolphins, belugas, sea lions, seals and of course the walrus! – are the main attractions here.

People flock from miles around to see their trainers and the animals interact in live shows designed to entertain and teach.

At Arctic Cove, your kids can feed fish to a beluga just as they'd feed treats to a pet dog.

The zoo also houses black bears, deer, elk and bison.

Photo courtesy of Marine land Ontario

THE RIDES at Marineland Ontario

The SkyScreamer is a big favourite in the rides department. Marineland also has the world's largest steel roller coaster, Dragon Mountain, and over a dozen other rides. These include:

- the ToppleTower (which makes my stomach churn just looking at it!)

- Viking Adventure (shaped like a ship)

- and for a great view, The Skyhawk.

One of my nieces (another sister's daughter) used to work here putting kids on and off the rides, and she warns that the line-ups can be long at times, so bring your patience (and sun-hats and cold drinks).

FOOD and DRINK at Marineland Ontario

Marineland policy states that you may bring food and drinks into the park but no alcohol or any glass bottles. You'll find picnic areas. And of course you can buy food and drink there as well.


The park is only open from late June to early mid-October (check the web site for exact details). The cost is about $33 for children and $39 for adults but check around for discounts because it's often possible to get a few dollars off with Ontario coupons.


The park is at 7657 Portage Road, Niagara Falls. That's about a km from the Horseshoe Falls you could see Niagara Falls Canada in the morning and then visit the park in the afternoon.


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