About Me, My Boss 
and This Web Site

Hello and Welcome!

I'm Guylaine Spencer, the person behind this web site, Ontario Travel Secrets. I'm also a freelance writer specializing in travel, history and the arts. My stories have been published in VIA Rail Destinations, Upper Canadian Antique Showcase, Canadian Newcomer Magazine and many other places. You can check out my portfolio here.

My boss

Many travel web sites are run by companies or travel organizations whose goal is to promote their businesses. This one isn't. This travel site is different. It's run by me and my boss, Fellini:

He's sitting on the work desk making sure I get these articles and photos uploaded for you. Doesn't he look serious?

Why I built this site

This web site is first and foremost a labour of love. So far I have researched, written, and uploaded more than 200 articles to this site. This has taken several years. I also took the vast majority of the photographs you'll see, and formatted them so I could add them to the site. First I had to learn how to build a web site -- not as easy as it looks, I might add!

I built Ontario Travel Secrets in my spare time because of my love for my home province.

I was born and raised in the Niagara Region, home of the famous Niagara Falls and Ontario's fabulous orchards and wineries. As a teenager, I cut grapes and picked peaches and strawberries and other fruit. As an adult, I've lived in Toronto and Hamilton, two of the province's largest cities. I've also visited Ottawa, one my favourite cities, many times.

When I was growing up, my parents used to take me and my sisters camping up north in places like Algonquin Park and Manitoulin Island. I can still remember walking down the campsite road at night, spellbound by the numbers of stars I could see. It was one of my first inklings that there was a whole other galaxy out there, and it made me feel small and connected at the same time. It made me want to explore as much of that great world as I could.

Over the years, I've roamed the highways and byways of Singapore, Malaysia, France, Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. I've explored more of Canada and some great cities in the United States. For a while I lived in Quebec, in the enchanting city of Montreal. But then I came home to Ontario, and have been re-discovering it ever since.

Because I've discovered SO MANY great places in this province, I decided to start my own travel web site to share them with others. My hope is that this site will inspire you to make some wonderful discoveries and memories of your own!

Bon voyage and cheers,


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